Monday, March 23, 2009

Did someone say road trip? Outlets await!

I'm not one for long-distance driving but I may reconsider. Turns out that San Marcos, Texas (a good 600-mile, 9-hour drive away) has the closest Brighton outlet store to my home in Kansas. What? You didn't know Brighton even had outlets stores? That's not too surprising. You can't find them by searching Brighton's official website. The steeply discounted outlets are listed among the other stores in the store locator, but not identified as outlets. I'd never heard of them until I heard rumor of their existance on Facebooks' Brighton fan site. One Facebook post taunted me with the promise of good deals at an outlet in New York:
"My friend Laura and I make a quarterly pilgrimage to the Brighton Outlet at the Woodbury Commons in NY... OMG...$20 dollar watches...$22 necklaces...a $49 dollar bag that is $275 in the new's dangerous! We spent 2 hours in the store."
A silver-plated
El Dorado!
Unfortunately, Facebook members offered little other specific info on where such retail wonders might be hidden. After some Internet sluething, here's what I found out:
There are six Brighton outlet stores, none of them close to me. Two in New York, one in Virginia, one in California, one planned for Florida, and the aforementioned outlet in Texas. All of them are located at outlet malls in tourism hotspots:
Fashion Outlets Niagra Falls, Niagra Falls, New York
Woodbury Common Premium Outlet, near New York City
St. Augustine Premium Outlets in St. Augustine, Florida (due to open later this year)
Prime Outlets, San Marcos, Texas
Prime Outlets, Williamsburg, Virginia
Cabazon Outlets, near Palm Springs, Calif.
You cannot call these stores directly, but if you want more information it turns out Brighton does maintain an outlet information line: 1 (888) 323-5118. So tell me, Brightonistas... How far will you go for a great deal?


  1. Pick me up on your way to the outlet store

  2. 7 hours, 32 minutes. That's how long it took us to drive from near Toronto, Canada to Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Luckily the Niagara Falls store has opened, and it's only a 2 hour drive.

    We managed to visit four last year. Stumbled across the San Marcos store in Mar/2008, then went to Palm Springs in June/2008, Woodbury Common in Aug/2008 and Niagara Falls in Jan/2009. Two more to go!!!

  3. OMG an outlet opening in St. Augustine, Fla?? This will be a dream come true!!! Thank you so very much for the info. So glad I joined this site b/c I am a true Brightonista!

  4. Is there really an outlet in San Marcos, Tx?
    I am in Dallas and need to know before I drive all the way down there?

  5. Yes, at the Prime Outlets in San Marcos. Check the above website link and/or call Brighton's 1-888 number to confirm (also given above.) Thanks!

  6. The St Augustine outlet will be open in the summer. Took a picture in front of the empty store :-)

  7. Is there any talk of an outlet store opening up in the Chicago area?

  8. Can anyone tell me the name of the mall in Florida, I am Canadian and will be Florida in January, just have to find this outlet store. A year ago I was at the Niagra store and could not believe the great pricing. Thanks


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